NEW STATES AWARDED FUNDING – MICHIGAN and MISSISSIPPI. Training Funding Partners is very pleased to announce the continued national growth in its training reimbursement business. Since June 2016, TFP has secured training reimbursement and new hire funding from state agencies in Michigan and Mississippi. With these new awards, TFP has now accessed funding from programs in 17 states, expanding its leadership position across the nation. Up to 150 new hires/trainees are included in three performance-based awards from agencies in Michigan, led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and featuring other Michigan economic incentives agencies. These awards will greatly assist TFP’s client in the automotive industry. TFP also assisted one of its innovative medical technology clients in accessing funding for new hires and related on-the-job training in the state of Mississippi which will assist the company in expanding its global leadership position.Training Funding Partners supports its clients’ efforts to attract and retain talent, thus contributing to the success of the organization. TFP manages all pre- and post-award administrative and compliance activities, all on a completely performance-based (contingent) fee arrangement. Our interests are perfectly aligned with yours.