Are You Realizing Cash Reimbursements for Your CALIFORNIA Employee Training?

The Nation's Largest State Workforce Development Program - Funds Workforce Training for Over 35 Years

The California Employment Training Panel

In 1982 the California Legislature created the Employment Training Panel (ETP), a statewide business-labor, training and economic development program.  This program supports the California economy by funding training to ensure employers have the skilled workers they need to compete globally.  ETP-funded training supports the creation and retention of high-wage, high-skilled, secure jobs in industries that have the greatest impact on California’s economy.

ETP’s core program is funded by the Employment Training Tax (ETT), which California companies participating in the Unemployment Insurance system pay to promote the development of California workers.  These ETT collections create the fund from which the ETP has supported California businesses and their workers through funding exceeding $1.3 billion since its inception.

ETP works through the following simple, yet effective principles:

  • Employers make decisions about training that is best for them
  • ETP investment in employer-driven training improves profitability
  • ETP funding encourages California employers to conduct/improve their training
  • ETP’s performance-based funding model ensures employers’ participation
  • ETP funding improves the likelihood of ongoing training for employees

An ETP project is a performance-based funding contract that requires the employer to meet performance standards in order to earn the funding.

Employers must:

  • Deliver job-specific skills training to their full-time workforce (technical & soft skills training to incumbents & new hires using internal trainers, subject matter experts and/or outside vendors)
  • Track (document) training attendance for training delivered to the California trainee population
  • Meet ETP-defined minimum wage standards
  • Retain the employee on the job for 90-days (full-time) following training
  • ETP pays a fixed fee rate per trainee-hour – rates vary based on industry and eligibility.

As the program is performance-based it is essentially risk-fee – keep what you earn!

ETP requires the submission of certain HR and Training information as defined by the Program’s regulations.  Confidential information will not be disclosed by the ETP Program without your Company’s permission, except as required by law.

Both the ETP Program and Training Funding Partners maintain extensive data security procedures and protocols.

The information needed (once the funding is awarded) is specific to the trainees and the training that they took.  Information is typically gathered from the human resources, training and business operations disciplines of an organization.

The project is split into two phases: Pre-Approval (Application Development) and Post-Approval (Contract Management).

Different information is required at each phase and Training Funding Partners has the program knowledge, proprietary technology and dedicated staff to manage the entire process on your Company’s behalf from the preparation of the Application and related deliverables through all Contract Management and reporting required by the program.

As information comes from various disciplines within the organization the time commitment is typically spread out amongst a few key contacts with one main project lead for TFP communication.  Once we have the data from your Company we provide the arms and legs required to get the work done.

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