California’s premiere workforce development/training reimbursement funding program, known as the Employment Training Panel or “ETP”, announced that it is increasing the amount it reimburses employers for every hour of qualifying trainee training by as much as 44%. Going forward, ETP’s reimbursement rate for priority industry companies will be as high as $26 per hour per trainee, for up to 200 hours of training per trainee.

Other positive, important changes to the Program adopted at the May meeting included:

** Increases in the funding caps (the amount any employer may earn on any one contract) to as much as $900,000 for individual employers.

** The following categories will continue to be designated as “priority industries” – Allied Healthcare, Agriculture, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Construction, Transportation/Logistics, Green/Clean Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing/Food Production, Multi-Media Entertainment, and Technical Services.

Training Funding Partners, now in its 24th year of providing full-service, performance-based services to its clients, would be pleased to speak with you about your Company’s opportunity to access these funds on what is essentially a minimal risk proposition as Companies will keep what they earn (paid through checks, not tax credits) on their ETP award.

Please contact us at or 800.429.0933 for more information on the funding and an immediate assessment of your Company’s funding potential.