National Service Capability and Program Expertise

Unsurpassed Client Service

Unparalleled Proprietary Technology

Performance-Based Fees Tied to Our Client’s Results

TFP develops, prepares and negotiates competitive grant applications for our clients. Structuring the right funding vehicle to meet our clients’ needs is of paramount importance at this stage.  As funding is generally approved in the form of performance-based awards, attention to detail and understanding the nuts and bolts of our clients’ workforce development strategy is key. TFP will develop the appropriate funding request with a structure that will support our clients’ ability to execute their training plans and earn their funding.


Once awarded a performance-based grant, incentive or contract by a funding agency, we provide our clients with full-scope grant management and compliance services appropriate for each award. Our proven processes, workflows and web-based systems make it efficient for our clients to focus on delivering their training, while we focus on managing the deliverables to the funding agency. We utilize our proprietary technology to make data transfer a seamless and secure process for our clients.