TFP is proud to announce the launch of the nation’s first industry-developed Aerospace Industry Overview Course available for public-use at no cost. TFP, in partnership with its Aero-Flex partners, the South Bay Workforce Investment Board, West Los Angeles College and Tooling U-SME, as well as multiple Aerospace & Defense employer partners and industry experts, built the course with funds provided by the California Workforce Association Accelerator Grant. This course provides those interested in the industry an overview of the history, products and career opportunities in this growing, versatile field. We are thrilled to see this course launched and know that it was built by and for the aerospace industry, and for all who may be interested in learning about the field of Aerospace.

This course can be used by individuals, employers (think recruiting website!), schools and other community-based organizations to develop an interest in the workforce of today and tomorrow. SCORM compliant downloads are available as well should you want to host the content internally.

Click here to access course:

TFP and the Aero-Flex Consortium