The Governor’s budget released a few days ago for 2020-21 proposes to appropriate $103.6 million to ETP, the same as the current year. In releasing the budget, the Governor formally announced plans to create a new “Department of Better Jobs and Higher Wages” that would include ETP. This is what Governor Newsom said:

“The Department will be comprised of the California Workforce Development Board, the Employment Training Panel, Workforce Services Branch and Labor Market Information Division, which are currently in the Employment Development Department, and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards currently in the Department of Industrial Relations. The reorganization is intended to better align data, policy, and program analysis of the state’s workforce training programs.”

Details are sketchy and the reorganization is very preliminary so we will be watching developments carefully.

Overall the ETP funding is strong, employer demand is equally robust and the ETP Program will be focusing and prioritizing demand for its funding by focusing on “priority industries” which include the manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, biomedical and construction industries. The planned reorganization will create some new approaches and complexity, but here at TFP we are on top of these issues and ready to handle these and other issues on behalf of our continuing and new clients.

As always, Training Funding Partners stands ready to help you with your workforce development/training reimbursement funding opportunities, in California and around the nation.